Screen Printing

Automatic Screenprinting Press***Any pricing provided below is basic and subject to change. Please call customer service and we will be happy to provide you with a full quote, which is valid for 60 days. ***


LEAD TIME: We run on a 2 week lead time for completion of a order from the date the order is placed. The due date means the order will be completed by the end of that day, unless otherwise specified. Rush orders are only done if scheduling permits and a rush fee may be applied.

SETUP CHARGES: Setup or Screen Charges are based on the number of print colors, size, and location of design. The rate is $25.00 per screen and one screen is required for each color in the design to be printed. Per screen setup charges apply to basic spot color applications. Complex designs, which require special processes, (process color or simulated process) may incur additional charges. Screen setup for Hats is $15.00. Where possible, we will combine images onto the same screen in order to keep setup charges to a minimum.

ITEM AND PRINTING CHARGES: While we are able to print on most textile items, we do ask to inspect some products first to make sure it will work with our printing / drying process. There are five major elements that determine the cost of any given job. Please call or email one of our customer service representatives for a full quote.

  • Item color
  • Type of item to be embellished (upcharges will apply to special size garments ordered, such as XXL, XXXL, Talls, etc.)
  • Quantity of items to be printed w/ like design and print colors.
  • Number of print colors per design
  • Number of print locations per design (left chest, back, sleeve, etc.)
Please note that team numbers and individual names (personalization) are considered separate print locations and have their own print fee. When printing on hats we will only print on 5 panel high profile hats. Hats, Aprons, and Tote Bags are all done as a 1-color print only.

ADDITIONAL PRINT CHARGES: In some cases there may be additional charges applied due to varying factors.

  • UNDER PRINT—this is most commonly used when printing on a dark colored garment. Many times, especially with a 50/50 blend item, the garment color of a dark item will slightly bleed through the ink. To help minimize and/or alleviate this we will recommend using a white under print. Unless white is a print color already being used in your design, this can add another print color as well as screen charge to your pricing. We also usually recommend a under print when using vibrant colors on a dark garment such as Hot Pink on a Dark Chocolate shirt. Please note we do not under print names or number prints.
  • FLASHING—a charge of .25 per side is added for flashing. This process can be used to also help minimize the amount of garment color to bleed through the ink, but is done without actually having an under print. However, it does not minimize the bleed through as well as an under print does. Flashing is also used in some cases to keep ink colors from mixing when they need to be applied on top of each other. Names and numbers are not flashed. We also will not flash on Tote Bags or Aprons.
  • LONG SLEEVE PRINT—there is a $1.00 charge per sleeve for a long sleeve print in addition to regular print price.
  • PRINT COLOR CHANGE WASH FEE—print price is based on the number of items printed with the same design and print color. Each job is allowed one print color change at no additional charge, assuming at least 12 pieces of each ink color are printed. Additional color changes, or color changes for less than 12 pieces, will incur a wash charge of $10.00.
  • SEAM PRINT FEE—if you request we do a print across a seam there will be an additional $2.50 per item. This process may not be suitable for some jobs.
  • CUSTOMER SUPPLIED ITEMS—we will print on items supplied by the customer, for an additional $1.00 charge per item. Please note we require a 10% spoilage allowance on customer-supplied garments. A complete count should be provided to us upon delivery so that any discrepancies can be accounted for. Garments should also be inspected for quality prior to delivery. Without an initial count the customer accepts the final count returned after printing.

COPYRIGHT / TRADEMARK MATERIAL: M-Prints respects national and international copyright regulations and will not knowingly reproduce any logos or designs that are copyrighted or trademarked without explicit, written permission of the copyright/trademark owner.

APPALACHIAN STATE UNIVERSITY DESIGNS: Any uses, (including use by university departments and approved student organizations) of logos or verbiage belonging to Appalachian State University requires approval from the ASU Licensing Dept. Please visit for specific information. A royalty rate of 8% (10% effective July 2009) may be charged for use of these marks.